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  1. Distributed Enhanced Suffix Arrays: Efficient Algorithms for Construction and Querying
    Flick, P. , Aluru, S. IPDPS 2019 (under review)
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  2. Parallel Construction of Suffix Trees and the All-Nearest-Smaller-Values Problem
    Flick, P. , Aluru, S. IPDPS 2017
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  3. Kmerind: A Flexible Parallel Library for K-mer Indexing of Biological Sequences on Distributed Memory Systems
    Pan, T. , Flick, P. , Jain, C. , Liu, Y. , Aluru, S. ACM BCB 2016
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  4. Parallel Distributed Memory Construction of Suffix and Longest Common Prefix Arrays
    Flick, P. , Aluru, S. Supercomputing 2015
    BibTeX doi code SC’15 Best Student Paper
  5. A Parallel Connectivity Algorithm for De Bruijn Graphs in Metagenomic Applications
    Flick, P. , Jain, C. , Pan, T. , Aluru, S. Supercomputing 2015
    BibTeX doi code SC’16 Awarded Results Replicated Badge
  6. Malleable Sorting
    Flick, P. , Sanders, P. , Speck, J. IPDPS 2013
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  7. An Adaptive Parallel Algorithm for Computing Connectivity
    Jain, C. , Flick, P. , Pan, T. , Green, O. , Aluru, S. arXiv preprint
  8. Analysis of human tissue-specific protein-protein interaction networks
    Flick, P. Master’s thesis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
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